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To Register an Account for a 14 day Trial or to Purchase:

Register a user account in your name by clicking on the below Register an Account button.

This allows you to open an account and use all the functions of the Strategic Plan or Project Manager for 14 days.

If you have not paid after seven days, the account will be deactivated.

Outside the 14 day period, your account can be activated by sending us your account name and making payment.

Renewing Subscriptions

You can subscribe immediately after you register, or at any time within the next 14 days.

All subscriptions are for three years initially. You can renew your subscription prior to, or after, expiration by contacting us at

To subscribe
Register your Strategic Plan or Project Manager Account which will be immediately activated for a 14 day trial period.

We will send you a tax invoice using the email address contained in your Registration Details.

Payment can be made by direct bank electronic funds transfer or by using Paypal.

Package of Strategic Action Plan plus Project Manager
License and set up fee:$250.00 AUD
3 Year Subscription:$600.00 AUD
Total cost:$850.00 AUD (Plus GST if applicable)
Single Strategic Action Plan or Project Manager Subscription
License and set up fee:$200.00 AUD
3 Year Subscription:$450.00 AUD
Total cost:$650.00 AUD (Plus GST if applicable)