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Load/Manage Projects


Project: *
This 'Try it out' session allows you to:
1) Explore example Projects (some complete, others not).
2) Test the software by creating your own short project.

To Start:
Click on the down arrow, select the project you'd like to view and click the Load/Create button. Once loaded, click 'Show Help Popups' then fill in the empty fields. To go to the next page, 'Save' then click on the new bottom item that appears in the left side menu.

To use the full software version for 14 days register a username and password*
The full software version allows you to:
  1. Create a project with up to 10 strategies per direction, 20 tasks per strategy and an unlimited number of deliverables.
  2. Save and print up to 50 versions of one project or 50 separate projects.
  3. Create any number of sub-users. Authority to edit and view plan directions can be assigned to sub-users through the creation of plan branches.
  4. Organise and group directions through project teams. Sub-users can be assigned to manage, view and edit these teams.

*Request an Account to create an account and purchase a subscription which allows you to keep, further develop and update your initial plan/s and create new plans.
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