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Strategic Planning and Project Management Tools

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Strategic Action PlanTM & Project ManagerTM software.


  • Step-by-step creation of successful plans.
  • Focused and efficient action lists to guide your planning.
  • Comprehensive but simple strategic or project management processes.
  • Easy methods to communicate your plans to boards and staff.
  • Gantt charts and expenditure reports saving you time and money.
  • Simple, comprehensive and flexible reports for board, funders or investors.
  • Action lists that you create by sorting by task manager, start or completion date, who it reports to or any other field you choose.
  • Emailed reminders of tasks due for start or completion.
  • Easy updating to keep track of implementation.
  • Peace of mind knowing that you have a plan.
  • And much more!


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Nice trick!  ....but was it good planning?

    Nice trick. But...did he really plan it this way?

       And what about Daddy Long Legs? 

       Was it the result of poor planning?

        Click here to see on Youtube.

Who is Meeting Success?

For two decades Meeting Success has worked with businesses, local governments and non-profit organisations planning their success and profitability.

We recognised that a major success requirement is a clear and simple plan that can be easily updated to meet changing conditions, so we developed our online Strategic Action PlanTM and Project ManagerTM templates as simple, practical and affordable tools to assist organisations and individuals plan, monitor and report on their success.

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